Sunday, April 6, 2014

How this blog began...

Until tonight, I had been working on a blog entitled "Documented Indolence" which was a phrase a professor once pulled out of the air as a joke concerning personnel files. I have no idea where he got the phrase, whether it was actually used at some point in his life or whether he had coined it. I even googled it but came to no conclusion on the matter. This professor is sometimes brilliantly humorous, so I can just leave it there. My mind was running in odd directions and I decided that pretty much all of my blogs could be described as documented indolence ( I will refrain from the personnel facets of this phraseology until such time as I am happily retired and out of harm's way.)

As this documentational blog progressed, I realized I was becoming much more insolent than I was indolent. In matter of fact, this blog was beginning to mean something important to me in the very break I was making with other more judiciously reasonable people. If you have read any of my blogs you will have noticed that I am rather frivolous and diffused. It is a kind of renaissance indolence, if you will.

I have worked throughout my life to remain unique. What I was keen on was rarely what interested anyone else. However, in this blog I was touching upon subjects like religion that were close to my personal core beliefs. All of my blogs had been started to force me to write rather than constantly edit which seemed to be the focus of most of my education in my language. What was different about this attempt to free-associate was that all caution had been thrown to the wind, I was freely associating, and loked the material so much I was fond of putting in the time to do an almost proper editing job,

While you will notice a reworked repetition of my indolent blog for a while,  I formally present to you this "new" blog of Documented Insolence.

by Michael DeVore