Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rare Earth; or, Jeeees, We Are REALLY Lucky

We are REALLY lucky. The bet is too rich for my blood. I fold.

Check out the fairly insolent looking Rare Earth Hypothesis:
or the "Why are you so damned insistent upon the existence of aliens?" question. It is because of all that Star Trek stuff. You know it and I know it. :)

Honestly, this is my favorite blog to write and post to. My mind has expanded so much by throwing off the chains of perceived authority. I challenge you to join me and question those whose opinions you have come to rely upon. Use your talent to think, to guide yourself down your own path. Whenever the instinctual impulse to accommodate, acquiesce, or conform occurs, just free yourself. Think!  Ponder the possibilities... and you do not even have to make up your mind because some things are unknowable, especially to "authorities" who believe they already know and have closed their own minds.