Friday, October 3, 2014

More Insolence Coming

I have been away on vacation enjoying myself, and the problem with this is that when I got back I decided to continue enjoying myself. On our cruise I read one headline on a muted TV showing "Sky News" about more war to clean up the problems of the previous unjustified war. A close friend asked me if I had seen the "war" headline. [My wife and my friends were at a "Whiskey Tasting." I tasted a sip or two of each of my wife's glasses but honestly, only the most expensive whiskey (aged, very expensive, scotch) was satisfying enough for me to enjoy straight.]

After this friend asked if I had seen some kind of war headline, I started to explain and he stopped me. Forget it. War was thereafter left out of our conversations. And honestly, I needed a rest from thinking so damned much about unreasonable things like war.

My insolence has been buried a bit since getting back. I only say this in explanation of the almost month long gap here.

I plan to begin again soon and the first topics will be other aspects of evolution for a few entries, namely eugenics in addition to the application of evolution to economics and our moral values.

I'm not sure when exactly to come back from the enjoyment of not thinking insolently but... soon.

[October 7 update: Ok. I'm ready. That certainly took less time than I imagined. Welcome back to crapworld Michael :)]