Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Case of Eric Garner Will Matter Regardless of Jon Stewart

The case of Eric Garner does not mean cameras won't work. To say that taking measures to try to stop the carnage will always fail or are useless is to give in to hopelessness and to ignore the power of popular opinion Jon Stewart uses to generate his paycheck. Without the camera footage we have of Eric Garner we would not have Jon Stewart's segment. Even though Jon Stewart rightfully bashes the television media news, he too is tone deaf to any event that does not have visual footage or pictures. To ignore that is hypocrisy that he is intelligent enough to be aware of. As cameras became official records, cops WOULD act better because they WOULD be held accountable, maybe not on a case by case basis at first but eventually in the power of opinion which again, Jon Stewart is actively appealing to in this segment albeit feigning his personal suffering as the main focus. There is no solution to racism or violence, there are only steps forward. And the step Barack Obama is attempting would be a gigantic step forward even if it is now seemingly popular for Stewart to bash the president. The action of placing cameras at the heart of the problem is such a good idea that I find it hard to believe Stewart is not playing for ratings by acting serious because there are no jokes to be made.

Dying in complete anonymity at the hands of brutes...that IS worse... so, let's get those cameras out there.