Saturday, November 21, 2015


I had toiled in obscurity on this blog that became more important to me long after I conceived of it. Lately I have not posted many written entries as it became more of a chore to my ill humored tired old body. Yet it was still fun to post, well, convenient things (images, articles, or memes) which happened along. Plop, there it is.

Recently my disappointment  with "Christians" blossomed as I actually maintain a strong belief in God, under duress, along with a strong belief in science, also under duress. This despite how it may appear here. Although I am tired and dulled by life, every once in a while things boil up above a line on the beaker that makes the measure of effort to write worthwhile.

Syrian refugees.

These are people running away from an evil that, to me, rivals that of Adolph Hitler. It is an evil different from Hitler who used the big lie to present a seemingly civilized face to the world. Today's evil is an in-your-face anarchy that makes me wonder about things that were previously crystalline in my mind. It is a Jim Jones type of evil. It is Manson. Things this evil make you wonder about completely innocent things; like whether train schedules are really ok. Similarly the probable destruction of the world by global warming has made me wonder about the automobile that gets me to work and gives me free time.

The idea that bit me about Syrian refugees was the amount of "Christian" outrage against helping people in need.

I harangue a lot here. Just let me say simply that organized religion has topped itself if it can add more words from the Bible we must ignore or twist to the point of meaninglessness. The heart of the message is gone here. Are the cell phones rotting brain cells or something?  Not everyone is infected but the doctors in charge appear to be ignorant or corrupt in thought.

Long ago I realized people believed things that were convenient to believe. It is not like we go out of our way to vet all the knowledge passed on to us by our parents. That would just be inconvenient so we just accept what we are given.

I am kind of sure it is not an entirely different level of inconvenience that ended in an 11 year old girl with a bomb strapped to her body in a recent terrorist act.