Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Return to blogging.

On the discussion of an article "Caught Red-Handed - Exxon Has Been Funding Climate Change Denial For 30+ Years" I said this piece of insolentness:

The problem (that to me is never understood) is that scientists are roundly funded by corporations. Science should not be trusted as the purveyor of truth. Science should be suspect whenever it says it has the truth (no matter whether you agree politically or not ) because the foundation of science is in questioning assumed truths. So many past scientific "truths" have fallen over time that it is stunning to me what blind faith people continue to have in science as truth rather than as a method of testing for falsehood.... which is all it appears to me to be.

Of course, then I erased it. This was Facebook, for heaven's sake.

It is time I returned to blogging. This presidential election could make anyone believe the real world was not so real. 

I will continue my essays against "truth" whether it be religious or scientific here, and hope to revive my other blogs as well. My project to create one blog of edited blog entries from all of them can wait a while longer.

Sorry I have been away.